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Contributing to sustainable development through youth-led social enterprises

Is an organization with a core purpose of empowering the youth in East Africa in starting up and running social enterprises in their communities. We empower through creating modern farms, ICT training and capacity building training in business skills and ethics.

Social enterprises that will impact directly on the local community and engage others if possible. Businesses that are geared towards gaining skills and behaviour change.

We are an organization registered in Sweden and run youth  initiatives in East Africa together with local partner organizations.


Our projects rotate around these 3 strategic areas.

Environment, Energy and agriculture (MODERN FARMS)

Capacity building training within social enterprises

Skills Education and ICT – Relevant skills e.g. vocational training.


  • We train the youth in business ethics, practical skills and personal development.

  • We train, motivate and give guidance in start-ups. We draft projects together with the beneficiaries.

  • Carry out socially and economic viable projects with the beneficiaries as a means to employment.

  • Solicit for company and individual investors in social enterprises.

  • We believe that networking and knowledge sharing is key to a sustainable activity. We connect them to networks for knowledge sharing and exposure.

Scafrica’s organisation is characterised by participative and decentralised decision-making structures; it is committed to cost-effective and efficient working methods. All projects are implemented in collaboration with carefully selected local partners and a special effort is made to foster local employees.

Scafrica’s work is subjected to regular internal and external assessments which secure quality and develop knowledge further. Systematic documentation of experience is a permanent task of project management. If necessary, projects are re-aligned.

In Uganda, youth unemployment is alarming for the country. Statistics show that about 60% of the 32 million Ugandans is below the age of 20 and yet youths include even those who are 30. youth unemployment raised from 22% to 32% between 2002 to 2011. We believe that to achieve a sustainable culture in the future, the young people need to be involved in meaningful initiatives that will sustain their communities.

By empowering young people to start up social enterprises, SCAFRICA helps to transform lives and build a new generation impacting on local communities and economies around East Africa.

Our comprehensive package of support can go a long way with your support.

In order to deliver effective and sustainable interventions in East Africa, we need the financial support, volunteers, skills and technical expertise of businesses, governments, international development agencies and foundations.

Partner with us and together we can reach a growing number of under-served young people, empowering them to start enterprises, create new employment opportunities and become inspirational role models for others.



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