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About Us

Sustainable Culture Africa

"Creating sustainable communities through empowering youth and women in Africa."

We are committed to fighting poverty in Africa. We believe this starts with working with and empowering the less disadvantaged in our societies. We also acknowledge that for us to create sustainable communities, it requires different actors specializing in different sectors in order to bring about change.

The Need

Why Youth and Women ?

Women bare most of the domestic work and are engaged in many small low paid or even non paid commercial and non-commercial activities. Women also take a big responsibility in raising children and the youth in our societies. That they are able to do all this shows that there is a huge potential in equipping them with the necessary knowledge, extra skills to support in their daily activities and increase their economic potential.

The youth – These are the future generation. Today in Uganda for example, the young generation accounts for 60% of the population. Impacting them positively and engaging them in pertinent issues of entrepreneurship, environment, agriculture and education is an investment for creating responsible citizens.

Sectoral challenges such as lack of financial skills and market access, lack of raw quality inputs to agriculture make it difficult for many women to have viable income generating activities which in turn leads to low socio-economic development. There is thus a cycle of low productivity, low incomes and thus lack of affordability to basic services thus creating a cycle of poverty. 

Our Method

An integrated collaborative approach of intervention through partnerships based on SDGs focus areas model for sustainable communities. 

Awareness and engagement – At the bottom of every action, we believe that creating awareness about things that matter to us and improve our planet will create engagement from all levels.

The Impact

Data reliability through local based research. – different actors use different methodologies to get data, since this is taken at different timelines, it creates inconsistency.  SCAfrica will strategize itself as a reliable real time data source based on the different focus areas and based on a specific region. 

Identify and deliver viable solutions, and collective interventions within Agriculture, entrepreneurship and innovations, education, energy and environment, Health, Arts and culture. ( Improving on what the communities are already doing and making it a viable income stream. Finance and financial skills. Many times, women carry out small businesses but these fall short or operate at a loss because they do not focus on the financial skills.

Adaptation and perception to new interventions, especially technology can be a challenge in many rural areas. SCAfrica will be creating awareness among communities, having youth as key targets and creating engagement in communities.