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Support the health program.

Supporting communities with health programmes. Health Information and working with community clinic
Give a mamma kit and birth neccessities to a young mother.


Our Partners

Adopt a Village

Together with our partners Adopt a village, we aim to support disadvantaged pregnant mothers and girls with information necessary to cope with pregnancy and provide birthing materials needed to facilitate their birth process.

Adopt a village is a programme that was set up to contribute towards the improvement of health service provision in Uganda, through activities like facilitating pregnant women from slums who can’t afford to have a hospital birth. We buy these women mama kits which contain items needed for a hospital birth, 2 baby sheets, 2 baby suits, sanitary birth pads, a baby basin and we pay their hospital bill. We spend $40 on each mother. 


This Project also empowers communities and vulnerable groups to take charge of their basic health care needs through a preventive model of health promotion. We organize workshops that give these women information about good hygiene, immunization, child nutrition and birth control methods.


The Impact

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Youths girls & Women resourced